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Why You Need DRY

For over the past 11 years, Advanced DRY Carpet has been changing the way people just like you think about carpet cleaning and floor care.

Contrary to popular belief, conventional wet extraction carpet cleaning has actually created more problems and frustration than it has solved.  Sadly, most consumers and businesses continue to be misinformed so their disappointment and problems worsen.


Advanced DRY Carpet Cleaning Systems

Our unique carpet cleaning process is designed to solve the numerous problems caused by wet carpet cleaning methods like …

  • Chemical “dry” approach
  • Steam/Water based extraction
  • Rent-Your-Own portable units

That’s why thousands of Wisconsin residents, property managers and businesses continue to chose Advanced DRY Carpet as their #1 preferred carpet cleaning and floor care experts.

“I was skeptical when I heard this was a “no water” process…”

Carrie Wilkerson, Sun Prairie, WI

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