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How Does It Work?

You use a kitchen sponge to wipe up spills and absorb messes, right?  But to absorb a mess effectively you must control the moisture and the amount of pressure you use, otherwise you end up soaking the surface you’re cleaning with water and soap – making things worse.

Essentially our system works just like your kitchen sponge – absorbing messes in your carpet, area rugs and grout/tile effectively without pushing the dirt and water through your carpet backing to your subfloor or concrete.

The secret power behind the Advanced DRY carpet cleaning system basically consists of 3 main elements: Our Advanced Products, Our Advanced Machines & Our Advanced Process.

1. Our Advanced Products

We use sponge like particles, which contain a combination of low amounts of moisture, detergent, and a safe to use solvent. Together, they absorb the dissolved soil and spots and trap them until they are removed by our DRY carpet extractors
  • Dry – not sticky or waxy
  • Natural, Biobased
  • Safe for people, pets, environment
  • Easily vacuumed, light, flaky
  • Non-resoiling 
  • Soft, not abrasive
  • Not a food source for bugs, bacteria or mold

2. Our Advanced Machines

The counter rotating brushes of our machines agitates these little tiny sponges throughout your carpet. This causes the chemistry within the cleaner to dissolve the dirt and immediately be absorbed.

These proprietary machines we use are manufactured in an EPA registered facility, EPA Establishment*.

3. Our Advanced Process

  1. Sponges are applied to the surface of your carpet
  2. We us our advanced machines with our advanced products
  3. Our advanced products absorb and trap the soil in your carpet fibers
  4. Our advanced machines lifts your carpet and extracts the sponges
  5. Your carpet is fresh and clean
  6. You can walk on it when we’re done!

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