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Grout & Tile Cleaning

The Problem with Cleaning Grout & Tile

Grout and tile cleaning can be challenging and very frustrating if you don’t do it right.  Think about it…

  • It’s a porous surface which holds in grease and dirt.
  • It absorbs other cleaning liquids, making it harder to remove the dirt.
  • Once clean, the dissolved dirt can reappear, which makes the grout look dirty again.

Our Solution Makes it Simple

Advanced DRY uses superior grout and tile cleaner and cleaning machines, making the job of cleaning tile and grout simple.

  • Our counter-rotating brushes easily scrub the grout and dislodge dirt and grease.
  • We dissolve and trap the dirt and grease.
  • We leave no chemical residue behind to attract dirt.
  • Your grout and tile is left clean and ready for immediate use.

“I was skeptical when I heard this was a “no water” process…”

Carrie Wilkerson, Sun Prairie, WI

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