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“Does the dry carpet cleaning method really work? Yes. However, there are some carpet cleaners that claim to use a “dry” carpet cleaning method, but the carpet cleaning approach is much less effective than the Advanced DRY carpet cleaning system.

The reason our system is far superior to the other carpet cleaning methods is because we use a powerful dual-cleaning formula that utilizes two revolutionary cleaning products: An organic cleaning compound that literally absorbs dirt and

  1. soil from the carpet fibers.
  2. A crystallizing product that actually traps the dirt and soil in microscopic crystals and then is extracted out of the carpet.

In tandem with our unique low moisture carpet extractors, these two primary cleaning products make for the most powerful deep-cleaning formula for carpet anywhere. NO fans blowing, NO spots coming back, NO musty smells, just clean DRY carpet.

“Is your DRY carpet cleaning system safe for my kids and pets?”

Our unique process incorporates 100% biodegradable and organic products that have proven to be healthy for people, pets, the environment, and even your indoor environment.

We wish there was a simple answer to this, but the answer can vary a lot according to a few key conditions. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months to ensure lasting healthy fabric. Because there are so many variables involved to answer this adequately, we decided to come up with a simple rule for anyone to follow.

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“I was skeptical when I heard this was a “no water” process…”

Carrie Wilkerson, Sun Prairie, WI

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