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Environmental Issues

Taking Our Environmental Responsibility Seriously

For the past decade, thousands of people just like you continue to choose Advanced DRY carpet for a number of smart reasons.  One of those reasons is to help reduce the environmental problems normally caused by using wet carpet cleaning methods.

Advanced DRY carpet is extremely passionate about our pursuit to be a carpet cleaning company who takes its environmental responsibility seriously.

You Are Preventing Sewage Pollution

Over the years, public health reports have continued to site carpet cleaners as being notorious for dumping their wastewater directly into city sewer systems. 

  • We compost our waste
  • We have all the required disposal permits
  • We have disposal receipts to prove it

You Are Saving More Energy

You’ll waste a lot of energy heating water used in wet extraction cleaning methods.  But when you choose Advanced DRY carpet there is:

  • NO water to heat
  • NO wasting energy running loud blowers to dry carpet
  • NO running air conditioners or dehumidifiers to remove
    moisture from the carpet and air

You Are Saving More Water

When you choose Advanced DRY carpet, you’ll save TONS of water because:

  • We use 97% less moisture than the water used in wet carpet cleaning methods
  • We use only one test tube of water for every gallon used in the wet method.
  • There’s NO waste-water burdening our sewer & water treatment plants

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