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Don’t Be Fooled

When you search online for the term “carpet cleaner” or “carpet cleaning”, you will see that there are plenty of options from which to choose.   As you look closely you will see many carpet cleaners claim to use a similar carpet cleaning method – and they use terms like…

  • “dry”
  • “organic”
  • “non-toxic”
  • “chemical-dry”
  • “steam cleaning”

Don’t be fooled, because most carpet cleaners who use those terms are actually referring to a whole other type of carpet cleaning. 

What they won’t tell you is, “chemical-dry” and “steam” carpet cleaning is much more of a wet carpet cleaning method, because their definition of “dry” is quite subjective.

We use the term “DRY”, as it is defined by a more appropriate standard.   According to the EPA, “moisture control is the key to mold control.”   That’s why Advanced DRY carpet cleaning systems uses only 1 TEAPSOON of Moisture for every gallon of water used in those wet carpet cleaning methods. 

Even if when they say that they use a green certified product, their process usually involves a lot of water, which means there is higher chance that mold will grow in your carpet.

Plus all carpet cleaners are REQUIRED by law to reclaim their water at a water reclamation facility.   Sadly, carpet cleaners are notorious for not abiding by these laws.  But you can rest assured because our compost is returned to the earth and used in gardens to grow plants, fruits or vegetables. When you choose the Advanced DRY carpet cleaning systems you’re able to enjoy ALL the benefits of real “DRY” carpet cleaning which means…

  • Carpet is DRY immediately instead of hours or days
  • Your air quality improves significantly
  • Your carpet will last longer – GUARANTEED!
  • No Detergent is left in your carpet
  • Ideal for allergy & asthma sufferers
  • Perfect for pet stain & odor removal

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“I was skeptical when I heard this was a “no water” process…”

Carrie Wilkerson, Sun Prairie, WI

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