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Carpet Cleaning

Instead of the antiquated wet methods saturating your carpet with heavy amounts of water and detergent cleaners, the Advanced Dry carpet cleaning system uses a highly moisture- controlled, and detergent-free approach, so that the dirt and soil in your carpet is efficiently absorbed and your carpet Is immediately dry, cleaner than before, and it lasts longer!

Bottom-line, choose Advanced Dry carpet cleaning because…

  • You’ll have NO wet carpet
  • You can walk on it when we’re done
  • We compost our waste!
  • Our product is Green Seal Certified & USDA BioPreferred
  • Your air quality significantly improves
  • Ideal for allergy & asthma sufferers
  • Perfect for pet stain & odor removal
  • Your carpet will last longer – GUARANTEED!
  • Our carpet cleaning system is recommended by over 100 carpet manufacturers worldwide

Carpet can get dirty long before you can see the dirt and soil. Actually, when you can see the dirt on your carpet it is already in the process of being damaged.

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