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Advanced DRY® Carpet Cleaning System

Unmatched Convenience
• NO wet carpet (NO waiting around)
• You can walk on it when we’re done
• No more loud fans
• NO reappearing spots or stains
• NO aggravating odors

Organic & Biodegradable
• Our product is Green Seal Certified
• Plant-based cleaning products
• We compost our waste
• Our product is USDA BioPreferred

Perfect Choice for You & Your Carpet
• Your carpet will last longer – Guaranteed!
• You will save more money
• Recommended by over 100 carpet
• Great for eliminating pet stains & odors
• NO sticky and soapy residue

Safe & Healthy for You & Your Guests
• Your air quality significantly improves
• Ideal for allergy & asthma sufferers
• Reduces slips and falls
• NO mold & mildew

Ethical & Satisfying Service
• Exceptionally friendly caring staff
• Highly rated customer service
• Every technician is very knowledgeable
and fully trained &certified
A+ Better Business Bureau member
• 100% Money Back Guarantee!



















Conventional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Tiresome Inconvenience
• You must wait hours or days
• You can’t walk on your carpet
• Loud annoying fans
• Spots and stains come back
• Nauseating smell

Not Environmentally Responsible
• Only meets minimum quality standards
• Uses harsh chemicals which often go
back into our water system
• Most other carpet cleaners do NOT
dispose of their waste safely

Not Good for You or Your Carpet
• Ends up wearing down your carpet
• You’ll spend more money sooner
• Can void manufacturer’s warranty
• Often only masks pet stains & odors
• Detergent left in carpet (stains reappear)

Possible Risks To Your Health
• Increases mold & mildew in the air
• Provokes allergies and asthma sufferers
• Leftover soap & water cause slips & falls
• Uses gallons of water (builds up bacteria)

History of Inconsistent Ethical Service
• Unfair customer treatment
• Charged more than the coupon stated
• Often very naïve & only minimal training
• Questionable & sometime illegal
• Satisfaction guarantees are seldom real


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